Kyle qian- co-technical director

Kyle Qian is a recent graduate of Stanford’s MS Computer Science program. The wide range of his previous work with immerse media includes conducting original research on mindfulness in VR, prototyping biometric AR visualizations, and shipping enterprise VR training products. Kyle is interested in how an understanding of AR/VR and human perception can give rise to technologies capable of augmenting how people effectively communicate, whether across great distances or face-to-face.


Hope schroeder - Director

Hope is an immersive storyteller specializing in narratives around public spaces. Her AR/VR work includes a VR documentary about art on conflict-ridden border walls, and an AR project about Confederate monuments in Charleston, South Carolina. She holds a BS from Stanford University in Symbolic Systems and is currently pursuing a MSc in Social Data Science at the Oxford Internet Institute.


Khoi le - co-technical director

Khoi is an undergraduate at Stanford University majoring in IDEAs (Immersive Design and Engineering Applications). Khoi has worked in VR/AR for over three years exploring research, training, games, and art. He co-created the world's first mobile AR short film, Snowbird, where the characters come to life on your coffee table. Khoi's recent VR art pieces explore embodiment and movement in a world where our existence has become almost completely reduced to digital data.



Chanel Kim- designer

Chanel is a student at Stanford University currently pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Product Design. She is a designer passionate about how UX design can create more accessible environments and effect radical positive change.


Angela He - designer

Angela He is a computer science junior at Stanford by day and artist by night. Previously, she's worked in gaming at Zynga and virtual reality at Microsoft. Next, she'll be working at that intersection at Niantic. She loves creating things - music, art, games, websites, clothes, fiction, comics, you name it.


Matt ShimurA - Cinematographer

Matt is a mixed-race Asian-American filmmaker who has produced documentary and narrative content for over thirteen years. At Stanford University, he is studying Film and Computer Science with a Virtual Reality focus in order to understand the intersection of these disciplines. He hopes to empower other filmmakers to tell their stories more creatively through the tools of technology.


Rob Tokanel - producer

Rob Tokanel is a journalist and documentary filmmaker whose work has been published in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Mic. He has previously produced films about the Holocaust and the post-Civil War Reconstruction Era and reported from Jordan, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. He is a graduate of Northeastern University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.